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Miniroos Coach – Damien

February 6, 2018

Hi my name is Damien and I will be a Head Coach for the under 9’s,10’s and 11’s at TUFC.

I played football in Italy at a semi professional capacity as a central midfielder . The experience I gained playing with professional teams helped me  learn a lot from experienced players and mature as a person. I was nominated as one of the best youth in my division for consecutive years. I have also had experience coaching as an assistant coach at an academy in Lazio, Italy where I assisted coaching youth players between 11-15.

My Coaching Philosophy focuses on:

  • Leadership, is the key to become a talented footballer. Coaching on its own helps develop skills but having the spirit of leadership helps to achieve many goals. Empower players.
  • Build a strong relationship among players “comradeship”
  • Positioning, smart players can play in any circumstance. Players need to learn how to read the game and position themselves.
  • Communication
  • Focus on developing proper skills required
  • Be both coach and player to better inspire them


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