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Player registrations for season 2018 will open in mid-January 2018. Due to the continual growth of our club since our creation in 2014 it has now become necessary to move to Online Registration process as the manual task had become too great. Details will be issued over the next few weeks so please keep an eye of our website for more details.

New players wanting to join our club please send an email to stating your name, date of birth and any previous playing experience. The club will get back to you once email received.

All members, please be aware that the only payment method for the 2018 year will be through online credit-card payment. My Football Club site will add to your playing fee and a transaction fee of 2.7%.Unfortunately we can no longer accept alternatives such as cash, cheques and direct deposits due to the administrative load and administrative costs generated by these payment methods.

Age Group Calendar for Season 2018

Year Born Age Group Year Born Age Group
2010 U8 2005 U13
2009 U9 2004 U14
2008 U10 2003 U15
2007 U11 2002 U16
2006 U12 2001 and 2000 U18